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Easy management of unstructured data across multiple storage environments. Lightning speed for your IT architecture.
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We interconnect your data in our  Global Smart Grid.

Each organization's unstructured data has a unique lifecycle. Depending on the purpose of the data, the individual storage, distribution and system requirements also vary. UltiHash enables you to optimize your unstructured data on one platform, fully automated and customizable to your individual use case. 

Location-independent storage solution

We make your data available where you need it and avoid costly data transmissions.

Quicker data access

UltiHash's autonomous resource management ensures the fastest possible deployment of your data.

Optimal capacity

Reduce the volume of your storage. Always use the full capacity of your compute architectures.

Cost Control

Manage associated costs,

set limits, and gain credits by providing your unused compute resources.


What is your use case with UltiHash?

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Hybrid and multi-cloud

storage optimization

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Data migration of

petabytes in minutes

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Next generation

content distribution


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UltiHash dynamically adapts to your requirements and allows intuitive optimization of your use case. 

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