The sustainable data infrastructure

The sustainable data infrastructure for


Connected storage, data provisioning, and system administration for building efficient hybrid infrastructures - powered by AI.
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Grow your data without the resource headache

The vast majority of businesses rely on growing data to create value. This requires exponentially growing unstructured data in particular, as well as continuous infrastructure expansion.
UltiHash deduplicates data across architectures - minimizing the impact of growth on resources.

Link cloud + on-prem, avoiding data silos

Hybrid data infrastructures empower businesses to enhance security and increase flexibility. But connecting data across these environments is complex and time-consuming.
UltiHash seamlessly connects hybrid architectures, allowing for centralized control.

Make scaling up quicker, simpler and cheaper

Maintaining an infrastructure requires flexibly expanding when more resources are needed. But in reality, hybrid scaling is often limited by the resource constraints of each individual architecture.
UltiHash is serverless, automatically adding nodes to enable architectures to scale in every direction.

Keep tabs on efficiency - without the guesswork

Businesses are innovating to reduce emissions, but often struggle to measure accurately. UltiHash allows you to track usage, gain insights, and make changes based on evidence.

Transparent data trails - no more blind spots

Keeping track of data movement and auditing systemwide usage can be a logistical nightmare. UltiHash gives you control over who has access to what, where data is, and how it's used.

Data Management Toolbox

Permanent migration

Easily move large volumes of data between architectures with minimal time investment and maximum transparency.

Data collaboration

Securely share data across business departments and externally, while automatically synchronising datasets.

Retention policies

Set, update, enforce and audit retention policies based on customizable metadata requirements.

Laser-focused on Big Data use cases


ML Ops

For the effective training of ML models large data sets of typically unstructured data are required. To deliver not just accurate results but also in an acceptable time the I/O speed of storage systems is critical. UltiHash is designed to support a large variety of unstructured data types and allows you to scale your capacity while keeping I/O performance high.


Data lakes

Data lakes support volumes much larger than what can be handled in traditional relational databases and therefore have different storage requirements. Primarily this is scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency. Using UltiHash as your distributed storage infrastructure allows you to flexibly increase volume beyond your local cluster capacity and secure data with redundancies distributed in our infrastructure. With our build in data deduplication logic your cost-effectiveness can even be increased.


Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud storage offers the best of both worlds, high security plus highest scalability with public cloud extensions. But getting the most out of hybrid cloud environments is complex, time-consuming for your infrastructure engineers and results in higher expensive than at first expected. UltiHash can be integrated in your private cloud/ on-premises architecture and seamlessly connect to additional cloud architectures within the UltiHash data infrastructure. Low complexity and transparent costs.


ML Ops

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Central repositories

This is a description of the potential use case for our technology that runs on to three lines or even maybe four, who knows


Hybrid data platforms

This is a description of the potential use case for our technology that runs on to three lines or even maybe four, who knows
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