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Our mission...

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... is to make data growth sustainable.

You wonder why? Unstructured data in the cloud is growing at rapid speed and requires companies to use increasing data center resources. Today the global electricity demand of data centers is 3%. In 10 years it will be 30% if we don't change the way we grow the data. 

With UltiHash we can leverage data network effects that allow us to be resource efficient despite exponential data growth. An intelligently connected data infrastructure creates a communication and management platform that boosts the performance of millions of different data use cases. Our goal is to provide access to sustainable, cost-effective, and performance-enhancing solutions for the storage and distribution of unstructured data through UltiHash.

Meet the Founders.

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Tom Lüdersdorf
CEO & Co-Founder

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Benjamin Probst
CTO & Co-Founder


Why do founders start businesses in the first place?

This question has stuck with me during my entrepreneurship studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. Some believe it is the founder's personality, desires, and cognitive ability to envision a new future. Others claim that the founder recognizes an opportunity based on their previous experience and activities. In theory, it is difficult to determine what is the single source that motivates a founder to start a business. However, in practice, I believe it is essential to reflect on our personal "why". For me, it's the feeling of freedom to be able to imagine something and then implement it, with only me setting the limits. Encouraging creativity and bringing the necessary structure into the chaos - that's what I love to do.

Why did I co-found UltiHash?

I am driven to create value that combines social impact with economic interest. At UltiHash, we believe that these two things must be balanced in order to achieve sustainable growth. On one hand, I'm obsessively focused on delivering features that enable our customers to radically improve the way they work with unstructured data. On the other hand, our mission is to make power and hardware consumption for data storage and distribution as efficient and sustainable as possible. That's the challenge I am working on at UltiHash.

Why and how did I invent the technology of UltiHash?

UltiHash's technology emerged from one of many creative thought storms. One day I had a full hard drive and wondered how I could save storage space. Two backups in my storage were almost identical and I could not find a sufficient solution how to eliminate redundant data in a cloud. Classic compression wasn't an option for a local midrange computer, but Minecraft helped me literally sort through the blocks in my head and develop a new type of block storage that links redundancies. My inventor spirit was sparked. I combined my knowledge of intelligent systems algorithms from a robotics project at TU Dresden, the latest research on algebraic patterns from one of my professors, backup technologies, and Skype video compression technologies to develop UltiHash.

Why do we need an interconnected Global Smart Grid?

The main problem in the world of data is that almost every computer user in the future will use clouds to back up data and increase availability to other users, which leads to large amounts of data copies and replications from various sources. Thus, the number of replicated data grows exponentially, which increases the required cloud resources dramatically. Our solution maps data redundancies in a global smart grid, comparing not just the entire data sync (as with Dropbox), but all blocks within all data. This technology saves up to 90% in the abstraction of a storage use case while implicitly connecting cloud environments and their users. We clearly need an interconnected Global Smart Grid!

Join the journey.

We are growing, and we'd love to see you grow with us.

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