Expanding the UltiHash community

We have big plans for 2024, so we’re opening up our community to everyone

We have big plans for 2024.

Fresh off our $2.5M of pre-seed investment, our vision is coming into full focus: we’re empowering companies to make incredible breakthroughs with data - without destroying the planet in the process.

How? By making hot storage truly efficient with groundbreaking high-speed deduplication.

Our expert team is growing, and we’re working with a core set of partners to unlock the potential of their data on range of architectures - from cloud to on-premises.

Last year we shared early release versions of UltiHash with an exclusive group of data experts, gaining invaluable feedback about specific use cases that shaped the direction of our product. But in the long-term, we want to make UltiHash flexible enough to bring value across a wide range of industry needs. So, in 2024, we’re opening up our community to everyone.

Work for an organisation with 100TB+ of data?

Know of companies whose data needs are growing rapidly?

Join us at https://ultihash.io/community

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Let’s build the future of sustainable storage together!