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Operating on our Sustainable Data Grid gives your data

One Platform. Individual Use Cases.

Use cases
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Hybrid & Multicloud storage optimization

Manage all your data easily from one intelligent system. Reduce your TCO by up to 90% throughout the lifecycle of your data. UltiHash automatically optimizes your unstructured data in public and private clouds, as well as in your on-premises systems. 

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Petabyte data transfers

Reduce the time for data migrations to minutes. Dynamically adjust the service to determine the priority of the data storage properties such as transfer bandwidth, access time or data storage size. Choose UltiHash and find out what we mean by lightning fast speed.

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Next generation content delivery

Get your data to the edge quickly and efficiently. UltiHash allows you to avoid unnecessary data replication and resource consumption. Use storage on demand, only when your users access data, without compromising the speed and reliability of your data.

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Serverless storage solution.

With UltiHash, storing your data is like having a virtual hard drive that can be accessed on-demand from any geographic location. Our intelligent system guarantees geographic proximity to the servers, ensuring fast access at all times.


Compute and storage resources are automatically booked and deployed by UltiHash. This method increases the performance of data storage and transfers by multiplying streaming nodes that parallel the bandwidth. We enable resource efficient and sustainable usage of storage and compute instances.

Product Features

Optimal capacity utilization.

To store unstructured data efficiently, our AI engine enables automatic management of replications. We distribute data snippets to at least three different storage providers, ensuring quick access and data security at all times.


Our platform quickly localizes your data sets and gives you remote access to add, manage and delete data. New data sets are continuously matched with our existing database. Through a data type independent comparison of information, they are integrated into our Global Smart Grid without unwanted redundancies.

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Quicker Data Access.

With UltiHash, your data is automatically distributed across our Global Smart Grid in the most efficient way. We locate your data at lightning speed and automatically make it available at the desired location.


Based on the frequency of data access, we can prioritize and accelerate requests through our search database. To get exactly the speed you need for your use case, we benchmark the pings, internet access time and bandwidth usage to UltiHash databases. Furthermore, we benchmark the performance of the available compute resources for optimized data processing and predictable performance.

Cost Control.

In the cost management of our platform, you can integrate your own compute instances as well as manage additionally booked cloud resources. You can set application-specific cost limits for computing power and data storage.


Moreover, you can set up an individualized resource policy, with which the system automatically adheres to your planned IT budget over a desired period and manages the resources accordingly. UltiHash fits any cost range and provides clarity in billing.

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